-Outdoor apparel often requires to complicate techniques, it is crucial to maintain the products` quality.-

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Advanced communication with customers 


  • After finishing purchasing fabrics & accessories, proto samples will be produced base on clients`  requirements.
  • Throughout the firm discussion with clients, the sample will be improved and remade several times.
  • We will keep every ready-made sample in our sample room(classify by customers) for clients to refer to patterns, sewing techniques, or other valuable indicators.
  • The product development process will only be finalized if clients approve the samples.

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  • Quality management is executed by our professional own QC, who keep close tabs on outdoor apparel for over 50 years of experience. 
  • QC will mainly focus on evaluating several crucial indicators, e.g. workmanship, measurements, fabric quality, trims and components, lot color, printing, and washing quality.
  • In-line & Full-line inspection will be done during the product development. 
  • Final inspection, which normally operates in the factory, is also required before mass production.